G11S Motor Working

Mark Location


Mark on the mount a location for reference to the setting circle. Be sure the RA Clutch Knob is tight. Plug the cable from the RA motor to the 492 RA Port and turn on the 492. Note- This will only work on the RA, the DEC motor will only move when the top or bottom button on the hand controller is pressed.

RA Movement


This is the amount of movement after about 30 minutes. You will notice the engraved pointer above the setting circle moves with the setting circle

Or remove the worm cover


As another option you can remove the worm cover. Loosen the two screws on the cover. The screws do not need to be removed, only loosend to remove the cover.

Watch for movement at the motor coupling


Set the 492 electronics G/S to 16x and then press the left or right button on the hand controller. You should see the motor coupling start to rotate.


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